Meet the Beachcow Pack

jasper the original beachcow dog st simons island


The Legendary Myrtle Street Beach Cow

Jasper was named in honor of his birthplace in the Low Country of South Carolina.He was injured in a snake attack and nursed back to health at The Humane Society of Southeast Georgia, an amazing No- Kill Shelter.

Once healed his exuberant pleas for freedom were so excessive no one thought he would ever find his forever home. Then along came Jeff looking for a friend, and Jasper was free!

Jasper went from doggie jail to living right on the beach at ‘The Reef’, a legendary house at Myrtle Street Beach on Saint Simons Island, Georgia.

Jasper soon walked the beach like royalty greeting all who came to enjoy the Sand, Salt, and Sun. He considered it his job to inspect all coolers for ice, his favorite snack, and the occasional whole rotisserie chicken. Due to his ‘Holstein Cow’ appearance he was dubbed “The Beach Cow”.

Jeff’s Boiled Peanuts soon became a favorite snack of the locals and visitors alike and the Beachcow Nut Company was born.

The Reef was torn down years ago but Jasper the Beachcow can still be seen at Myrtle Street with his brothers Reno and ‘Big Head’ Todd.

Reno the dachshund beachcow dog st simons island


The Wonder Dachshund

Reno the wonder Dachshund!!!! He was a senior rescue dog that has now made his home on St Simons Island. He loves to run on the beach and meet and greet everyone he sees! Come meet him and rent a golf cart from Island Time Golf Carts to cruise around in.

Beach Cow Dog big head todd st simons

Big Head Todd

The Cuddle Monster

Todd wandered into our lives while visiting a friend in Savannah. He and his sister were starving, flea-ridden, and in generally bad shape. They were fortunate enough to have an amazing benefactor who financed their recovery. Todd loves laying in the sun, taking every toy out of his basket, and playing with his pal Reno.


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Beach Cow Nut Co. on St. Simons Island, GA serves some of the most delicious boiled peanuts and shelled/cracked pecans you will ever taste. We also sell a wide variety of clothing items such as shirts and hats. Also, don't forget to check out our beach accessories and golf cart rentals.